Hello! I am Matthew Lim

I'm currently a senior majoring in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). I believe in using design and technology to shape meaningful experiences that would better the lives of people. My work is currently expressed in three forms:

Physical objects shape lives

We exist in a physical world of objects that define the way we live. These objects can make us happier, faster and better. Design structures our daily experiences and enhances our actions.

Sfumato is a lounge chair that can be collapsed and made invisible when not in use. It explores the relationship between the user and the chair as the seat surface becomes  meaningful only when engaged. Sfumato addresses the needs of the modern city dweller.

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Digital interfaces shape lives

Technology changes the way we live. Our sense of self is increasingly shaped by our digital identity. Design makes technology meaningful and empowering for the masses.

Tribe is a prosocial reimagination of Amazon. Tribe taps on the collective power of Amazon and social networks so that everyone can very easily get gifts for others, share costs with friends and create groups that spend together. It is inspired by the work of Michael Norton.

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Tangible interactions shape lives

As digital technology matures, it begins to permeate all parts of our lives. Its impact now extends beyond the screen. Design breaks barriers and builds bridges across boundaries.

Drawbot is a wireless pen plotter robot that has no work area limitations. This is unlike most pen plotters in both the open source community and the commercial sector. It is more broadly speaking an exploration into tetherless, free-roaming digital fabrication tools.

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Let's shape the future

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